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"Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment." Mahatma Gandhi

What Is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a gentle yet powerful form of natural medicine that has the unique ability to stimulate a person’s innate healing forces, to strengthen the immune system and restore health as well as vitality. In other words, homeopathy works "with us" and not "on us."

Founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1735-1843), a German physician and chemist, homeopathy employs the use of minute doses of natural remedies created from primarily plant, mineral and animal substances. Today, there are over 3,000 remedies for homeopaths to chose from. With a proven track record for over 200 years, homeopathy is emerging as the medicine of the 21st century by becoming the fastest growing form medicine in the world.

Unlike conventional medicine which focuses on treating the disease, homeopathy seeks to treat the whole person on the physical, emotional and mental levels- it works at the root cause of the person’s complaints, not just on the superficial level of the symptoms; in fact, homeopathy views symptoms as mere expressions of imbalance.

When true healing takes place, the individual’s symptoms are no longer needed and thus fade away. Because homeopathy works on a deeper level than most other forms of treatment, clients may report not only relief from their symptoms, but also greater vitality and happiness.

"I've had two revelations in my life. The first was bebop; the second was homeopathy." Dizzy Gillespie, jazz trumpeter

Homeopathy is a standard part of the health-care system in many countries, such as England, France, Germany, Sweden and India. The remedies are effective, safe and inexpensive, making homeopathy the treatment of choice for an estimated 500 million people all over the world.

Homeopathic remedies are officially recognized by the FDA and are only manufactured in FDA licensed pharmacies. 

How Does Homeopathy Work?
The science of homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars (Simila similibus curentur): that is, “similar (conditions) should be cured by similar (medicines).”  So the task of a homeopath is to find a remedy that produces a set of mental, emotional and physical symptoms in a healthy person that is similar to those symptoms that the client is already expressing and complaining about in the consultation.  The Law of Similars actually dates back to the ancient physician Hippocrates (400 B.C.) who is known as the father of modern medicine and who wrote about the two methods of healing: by contraries and by similars.

A frequently cited example of the Law of Similars in homeopathic practice is the remedy Coffea Cruda, which is made from coffee- in homeopathy, coffee is one of the big insomnia remedies. So coffee in its regular, crude state keeps you awake, while coffee in a homeopathic dilution puts you to sleep. In actuality, the infinitesimally small dose of the homeopathic remedy stimulates your immune system to cause your own body to heal itself.

Homeopathy Remedies take many forms

What Does Homeopathy Treat?
Homeopathy has the ability to treat a variety of health-related issues, including first aid conditions, acute conditions, chronic conditions and specific childhood conditions.

First aid conditions: burns, cuts and scrapes, sprains and strains, bruises and swelling, eye injuries, insect bites and animal bites

Acute conditions: colds, coughs, earaches, flu, hay fever, jet lag, headaches, sinusitis, digestive upsets, motion sickness, insomnia, rashes, fevers, hives, poison ivy, sore throat, urinary tract infections and more.

Chronic conditions: allergies, eczema, arthritis, depression, acne, ADD, PMS/menstrual issues, digestive complaints, anxiety/panic attacks, asthma, infertility mood swings, chronic fatigue fibromyalgia, incontinence/urinary issues, chronic coughs and more

Childhood conditions: teething, chicken pox, impetigo, croup, growing pains, ADD/ADHD, fevers, rashes, colic, behavioral problems and more.   

What Is Homeopathic Treatment Like?
Our initial meeting will consist of a comprehensive interview two hours or more, during which time you have the opportunity to discuss in detail your complaints and concerns as well as your health history. It is essential that the interview is not rushed so that you have ample time to say whatever is on your mind.  

As in most cases, I will look at everything that is going on in your life, not just your physical symptoms. Based on my assessment, I will select a single remedy that best fits you. This remedy is specifically chosen to most completely match you as a whole person. 

Follow up appointments are generally for 30 minutes, and are scheduled usually every 4 to 6 weeks. Homeopathic treatment may take some time, especially with longstanding chronic ailments. We will carefully monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments in your treatment accordingly. Patience is absolutely crucial for successful homeopathic care.

While in homeopathic treatment, you will need to retain your regular doctor and should keep taking any medications as prescribed. Over time, as the homeopathic remedy is working, you and your physician may discuss the appropriateness of reducing your medications. Most conventional medicines do not interfere with homeopathic remedies.

Learning more about how homeopathy works and what can interfere with your remedy is crucial to your healing process. I strongly suggest that you read one of these great introductory books about homeopathy:

“A Patient’s Guide To Homeopathy” by Judyth Reichenburg-Ullman & Bob Ullman; http://healthyhomeopathy.com

“Homeopathy, Beyond Flat Earth Medicine” by Dr Timothy Dooley http://www.beyondflatearth.com or

“Impossible Cure, The Promise of Homeopathy” by Amy Lansky, PhD http://www.impossiblecure.com

My Qualifications:  
My homeopathic education and training includes having completed a rigorous and comprehensive four-year academic and clinical program in classical homeopathy at the New York School of Homeopathy. I am board certified in classical homeopathy (CCH) by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, which is the “gold standard” in national homeopathic certification. I also did post-graduate training a the British School of Homeopathy and have studied with some of the most successful and well-respected practitioners and teachers in homeopathy, including Rajan Sankaran, Louis Klein, Robin Murphy and Will Taylor.  

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