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Gemmothereapy, or otherwise known as "plant stem cell (PSC) therapy", is a relatively unfamiliar branch of herbal medicine in the United States that uses extracts of embryonic tissues, such as young buds, shoots and rootlets as well as other tissues from live, growing young plants and trees.

These potent and rejuvenating plant tissues are in an active growth stage and have been found to be rich sources of plant growth factors and hormones which are not found in the whole, adult plant. The material from the embryonic stage of a plant requires less amount to achieve greater results than adult plants (or conventional herbs).

Loaded with an abundance of vitamins, essential minerals and trace elements, these powerful extracts contain a concentration of the plant's vital energy and can potentially...

European Alder
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Increase energy & athletic performance
  • Reduce stress & enhance the immune system
  • Accelerate wound healing & skin regeneration
  • Reduce weight & body fat
  • Improve memory retention
  • Facilitate stronger bone growth
  • Improve vision & sleep
  • Achieve healthier & younger-looking skin
  • Improve organ functioning & sexual dysfunction
  • Decrease anxiety & depression

Over the past ten years, I have been quite impressed by how so many of my patients have responded positively to gemmotherapy remedies. I have found them to be not highly useful and very effective for a variety of ailments and complaints, but are the key ingredients to restore
our vitality and youthfulness.

As our environment becomes ever more toxic and the need for safe and effect forms of detoxification becomes that much more critical, be on the lookout for gemmotherapy as a rising star in the world of natural medicine and alternative treatments!

I received my diploma in gemmotherapy (DipGem) from The School of Gemmotherapy. I also trained under and have been supervised by some of the world's leading gemmotherapy.


“In autumn of 2003, I was introduced to gemmotherapy. Since then I have begun using these wonderful remedies in my homeopathic practice with most impressive results. As a classically trained homeopath, I have found a complimentary place in my practice for both homeopathy and gemmotherapy.”
--- Dr. Laura Feder, MD, CCH, pediatrician and homeopath.


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