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Bach Flower Therapy

"I use the Bach Flower remedies almost exclusively instead of tranquilizers and psychotropics, and I get excellent results. In many cases, they alleviate the problem when all else has failed." -- J. Herbert Fill, MD psychiatrist, New York
City, New York; former New York City Commissioner of Mental Health.

What Is Bach Flower Therapy?
The Bach Flower remedies are comprised of a simple yet profound healing system founded by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), a Welsh physician and homeopath. In his short career, he moved from conventional medicine into developing a natural form of healing to treat emotional and mental health- in retrospect, he was very much in tune with the trends in natural and holistic health today. Like homeopathy, Dr. Bach wanted his new form of medicine to treat the individual rather than the disease in order to offer both symptom relief and greater vitality.

"It is not the disease that matters: it is the patient." -- Dr. Edward Bach 


What Does Bach Flower Therapy Treat?
Bach Flower Therapy is a natural therapeutic system of primarily 38 flower remedies (including the popular "Rescue Remedy") that correct emotional imbalances by transforming negative emotional patterns into positive ones.

Overall, the Bach Flower Essences work effectively on :

- Acute emergency situations
- Passing emotional moods
- Deep-seated emotions
- Personality traits

Specifically, the remedies can be used for the following situations or conditions:

Bach Flower Remedy bottle

- Nervousness & constant worrying
- Job-related stress
- Lack of confidence
- Emotional eating
- Indecisiveness
- Loss & bereavement
- Shock & trauma
- Anger management
- Social avoidance
- Relationship distress
- Life changes & transitions
- Motivational enhancement

And especially for children & adolescents:

- Temper tantrums
- School avoidance
- Sibling rivalry
- Bullying
- Rejection
- Fears
- Shyness
- Peer pressure


Bach Flower Therapy In Practice
Bach Flower Therapy can be provided as a "stand alone" form of treatment- or it can serve as a natural compliment to psychotherapy, since the remedies help us to process undigested emotions and shift negative mental attitudes to more positive ones.

Another important piece of information to mention: one of the many benefits of the Bach Flower Essences is that not only are they effective and easy to use, the remedies have no unwanted side effects and are non-toxic and non-addictive.

In addition, the Bach Flower remedies can be taken in conjunction with medical or other treatments- they will not conflict with any medication.

US Registration of Bach Flower Essences
- The present status of the Bach Flower essences is OTC (over the counter) because they can be used safely for self-diagnosis and selftreatment.
- All Bach Flower Essences are FDA drug listed as homeopathic OTC drugs.
- All the Bach Flower Essences plants are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the US (HPUS).
- The FDA recognizes the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

My Qualifications
As a "Bach Flower Registered Practitioner" (BFRP), I am the holder of the highest practitioner credential in Bach Flower Therapy worldwide. In doing so, I uphold the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation's extensive Code of Practice which pledges me to strictly abide by the proven therapeutic traditions and high ethical standards of this profound healing art.

Working with a well-trained and an experienced Bach Flower Practitioner will significantly help you to derive a more accurate remedy combination that suits your particular needs. Objectively speaking, it is not always easy to see ourselves, let alone pick the exact remedies that we need at the moment.

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